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The Fundación Somos Ciencia al Servicio de la Comunidad (SCISCO) aims to strengthen installed capacity for research in medical sciences and evaluate, implement and scale up sustainable health interventions in Colombia.
Our team consists of researchers in health sciences with experience in basic sciences, clinical research, public health and epidemiology.
Our approach is translational science with a view to building bridges between different approaches to health research. We have collaborated with institutions in Colombia, Honduras, France and United States.

We are looking for volunteers and young researchers to to advance in the consolidation of our institution and In the strengthening of science in Colombia.

Our Values





Service to the community with translational medical research enables advancement to society.

Sara G. Pacichana-Quinayaz, Directora SCISCO

Sara Pacichana Quinayaz


Physiotherapist, Universidad del Valle, Colombia. Master’s degree in Epidemiology, Universidad del Valle, Colombia. Doctorate in Health Sciences, Universidad del Valle (student). Associate Researcher: Instituto Cisalva, Universidad del Valle, Colombia. Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Research Group (GIRUV), Universidad del Valle, Colombia.

Lina María Rodríguez Valencia


Sociologist. Specialist in Public Policies for Equality in Latin America and the Caribbean Master in Sociology. Candidate for PhD in Humanities - Line Gender Studies Research interests in rurality, gender and public health. Beneficiary of support for fieldwork with the WWB Foundation Research Fund to carry out my doctoral thesis.

Ana Sofía Cardona Murillo


Sociologist - Universidad del Valle, interested in the sociology of health, social management and community work. With experience in participation in the development and execution of research projects and systematization of experiences at the community level and methodological knowledge for the collection and analysis of information. Selected as a young researcher at the FES Foundation, within the framework of the "Young Researchers" Program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation - Colciencias, In addition to being a researcher and coordinator in different research projects both nationally and internationally within institutions such as the Universidad del Valle, SIDOC Foundation, Fundación Universidad del Valle, Corporación Construir Futuro, among others.

Member of different research groups such as the group Innovation, Design, Implementation and Evaluation in health - iDIES and the Center for the Development and Evaluation of Policies and Technology in Public Health - CEDETES of the University of Valle.

Daniel Sánchez Cano

Investigador Asistente

Médico general egresado de la Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia

Yisel Mabirly Leon Sánchez


Social worker at the Universidad del Valle, with experience in designing, implementing and executing processes of social intervention, psychosocial accompaniment and guidance with various population groups; children, youth, adults(s) and adults(s) at the individual level, group, family or community. Graduate in Student Counseling, Universidad del Valle.  He has worked with the ACUOR Organic Growers Association, A&P Action & Participation Corporation and is a research assistant at the SCISCO Foundation.

Ana María Morales López

Research assistant

Professional in Pre Hospital Care at the Universidad del Valle, research assistant at the SCISCO Foundation

Natalia Galindo


Student of Business Administration of the Universidad Santiago de Cali, Manager of Revista Internacional de Estudiantes de Medicina, member of the team of the SCISCO Foundation.

Ana Dency Cano

Tax Examiner

Fiscal Reviewer, Public Accountant, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali, Colombia. Technician in Business Administration, Instituto Tecnológico de Educación Superior-ITECS Cali, Colombia. Specialist in Health Administration, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali Branch; Colombia. With experience of more than 20 years as Accountant and Fiscal Auditor of public and private companies of the different economic sectors of the city of Cali.

Michelle Carabalí Bonilla


Public accountant, Autonomous University Corporation of Nariño. Diploma in Construction of model of Fiscal Reviewer, Technology Autonomous Pacific. Course on Interpretation of IFRS in the National Economic Context, Pacific Autonomous Technology. Diploma in Public Purchasing and Solidarity Economy for the People, Special Administrative Unit of Solidarity Organizations.

Alejandra Cataño Castro


Business Manager, Universidad del Valle, Colombia. Master in Ibero-American International Relations, Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain.  His experience is based on the management of projects, especially government projects, the General System of Royalties and Multilateral Banking.